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Recently I was trying to setup some external tools on WebStorm (Mac OS X) for Grunt and NPM, and I kept getting errors similar to the following:

Error running install:
Cannot run program “npm” (…): error=2, No such file or directory

On my windows setup it all worked perfectly, however, on OSX it refused to work. After some googling, I was eventually able to get it to work by following the instructions found in the comments of an issue on the WebStorm issue tracker entitled: ‘WI-10333 Unable to add npm to command line tool support‘. The experience though was not straightforward. This was partly due to the link hopping that resulted from searching for answers in the comments of the issue, as well as partly due to my inexperience with MacOSX and UNIX systems in general. Hence, my aim with this post is to detail the steps I took in solving the problem with the hope of saving others like myself the hassel.

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